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Accounting and MIS

While trying to stay focused on the product or services, entrepreneurs cannot ignore the importance of accounting and bookkeeping because it is essential for businesses of all sizes to keep track of their performance through financials. Whether your business is self-funded, seeking investors or loans, accurate financial statements are a vital component to your success.

In today’s challenging business environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their Vat Accounting Services in Dubai. By outsourcing your accounting position(s), your company will no longer have to endure the hiring process and lose valuable time and money training bookkeepers or controllers. Hence, you end up saving your business expenses without cutting down the productivity of your business.

We offer a wide range of accounting services to suit diverse client needs. We are very flexible and adapt ourselves to client needs, we can do accounting using our own accounting software and we can also work on accounting software provided by the client. Accounting services can either be provided at the client place or it can be provided in-house at our office. We also help our clients in choosing the right accounting software as per their business needs. Our accounting outsourcing solutions are cost effective because of our efficiency, accuracy, accounting know-how, and our ability to interpret your financial data.

Inventory Verification

Physical verification of inventories is an important part of the company’s internal controls over assets. It is intended to verify the accuracy of inventory records, and to assign the proper carrying value to that inventory, so that those assets are properly reflected in the financial records of the Company. Control over inventories is important for all organizations, since inaccuracies in inventory records can cause erroneous management decisions.

Inventory verification serves as a deterrent to loss, theft, damage, and misuse so those responsible for assets perceive that they will be held accountable for such assets, and will be required to produce proof of existence of those assets on a periodic basis.

We help firms improve their productivity and profitability through better inventory management. Inventory verification includes amongst other things appropriate marking of physically verified stocks, identification of damaged and slow moving or obsolete items, deriving variances between physical count and book count and identifying the reasons, and prepare physical verification report and detailed observations and recommendations.

Payroll Process and Management

It is well known fact that paying the employees in an accurate manner and maintaining the compliances with the concerned legal Departments is a challenging task. Payroll processing involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business, save cost, focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions.

Realizing this requirement, and also to promote confidentiality and administrative convenience, we provide a wide-range of Payroll Firms services to our clients. Our services broadly include:

  • Initial setup of the payroll details for your company and each employee
  • Salary processing including OT, bonus, incentives, gratuity payments etc.
  • Advising or drafting local work contracts.
  • Reviewing transfer letters to the bank
  • Preparing accrual reports, annual salary certificate for each employee.
  • Co-ordination for work permits Wage Protection System (WPS) payments and setup assistance

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