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VAT Consulting In Dubai

Based on the organizational structure and need of the management and accounts & finance department, we provide training on Value Added Tax (VAT) to all the personnel of the organization who are coming under VAT compliance chain. The training to finance and accounts and IT personnel are in detail for applying the VAT concepts and for clarifying the procedural formalities required for complying the requirements. Training for managerial and other departments level are made for giving proper awareness of VAT structure and overall VAT compliance requirements.

Tax Agent Service

It will not be always possible for the companies to look after the issues on tax matters and resolve it with the concerned authority (FTA) by itself. It will be necessary for the companies to appoint an expert to handle tax matters. By appointing a Tax Agent in the UAE by any taxable person (company or individual), he can count the following benefits:

  • Some of the documents may have to be given in Arabic language to the concerned authority. The tax agent will be an Arabic proficient professional and hence the taxable person need not bother if he doesn’t have records in Arabic.
  • All the documents and records are to be maintained for 5 years. Hence appointing a dedicated person – Tax Agent –will give more comfort for the taxable person on compliance requirements of the law in long term.
  • Tax agent will be always updating himself on the latest changes in the law and hence the penalty on noncompliance of the new provisions of the law will be eliminated.
  • Appointing a Tax Agent or at least a Tax Consultant will help the taxable person to identify the right “Dos and Don’ts which will result is better tax planning.
  • Tax Agent can represent the taxable person in front of the Federal Tax Authority and hence if any assessment notice comes in future for the assess, the experienced Tax Agent’s service will be crucial.

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