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Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Are you Looking for Corporate VAT Service?

Taxation, including Value Added Tax (VAT), can significantly impact your business in Dubai. At AMD Audit, our VAT services, led by experienced tax consultants in Dubai, transcend routine compliance. We offer strategic VAT planning, tailored to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your profits.

Our experts are well-versed in the latest VAT laws, ensuring your business stays ahead. Whether you require assistance with corporate tax, individual tax, or international tax matters, our dedicated team guarantees efficient tax strategies in line with regulatory requirements. Partner with us, the trusted VAT consultant in Dubai, to navigate the complexities of taxation and VAT accounting services. Your business financials are in expert hands with AMD Audit.

Minimize liabilities, maximize profits, and ensure compliance.

Unlock your financial potential in Dubai with AMD Audit's VAT and Tax services.

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Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive audit with our experienced team. Let’s safeguard your business’s future together.

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VAT Consulting In Dubai

At AMD Audit, we specialize in comprehensive training programs and specialized accounting services tailored specifically for businesses in Dubai navigating the intricacies of Value Added Tax (VAT). Our targeted training sessions cater to personnel across the VAT compliance chain, offering in-depth insights to finance, accounts, and IT staff. Led by our expert trainers, who also serve as tax consultants in Dubai, our detailed modules guide participants through VAT concepts, procedural formalities, and structure intricacies. We ensure that your managerial and departmental staff receive essential awareness training, empowering them to comply seamlessly with VAT regulations. Partner with us to optimize your VAT compliance strategy, ensuring a smooth, compliant operation within the legal framework. Master VAT with confidence, choose AMD Audit.

VAT Agent Service

Navigating the intricate landscape of VAT regulations in the UAE can be challenging for businesses. Appointing a Tax Agent is crucial for any taxable person, be it a company or an individual. At AMD Audit, we understand the complexities involved. By appointing us as your Tax Agent, you unlock a range of benefits. Our expert team handles tax matters, ensuring seamless communication with the concerned authority (FTA). We alleviate the burden on your company, ensuring compliance and resolving tax issues efficiently. With a dedicated Tax Agent, you gain peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. Choose AMD Audit for expert VAT solutions and experience a hassle-free VAT journey.

What are the documents required for VAT Registration in the UAE?

For VAT Registration:

  1. Trade License: A copy of the valid trade license of the business entity.

  2. Emirates ID and Passport Copy: Emirates ID and passport copies of the business owner(s), partners, and/or directors.

  3. Visa Page: Copies of the UAE residency visa page for business owner(s), partners, and/or directors.

  4. Memorandum of Association (MOA): A copy of the MOA, which outlines the business activities and ownership structure of the company.

  5. Utility Bill: A recent utility bill (e.g., electricity or water bill) displaying the physical address of the business premises.

  6. Bank Account Details: Bank account details of the company, including the IBAN number.

  7. Financial Records: Financial statements, including profit and loss statement and balance sheet, for the last 12 months.

  8. Customs Authority Registration: If applicable, documents related to customs authority registration.

  9. Details of Business Activities: Description of the nature of business activities and the goods or services provided.

AMD Audit

Why Choose Us?

At our Audit Firm, we redefine the standards of excellence in Audit and Assurance Services. Choosing us means opting for meticulous scrutiny and strategic insights that go beyond routine checks. Our dedicated team, specializing in comprehensive audit and assurance solutions, ensures your financial integrity and regulatory compliance. With a commitment to precision and professionalism, we provide tailored services that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Partner with us to experience the difference – where expertise meets trust, and where your business gains the competitive edge it deserves.


Our team comprises seasoned tax and VAT professionals with in-depth knowledge of local and international tax laws.

We understand that every business is unique. Our services are personalized to align with your specific industry, size, and financial goals.

With us, you can be confident in your financial compliance. We handle all the intricate paperwork, ensuring you meet deadlines and avoid penalties.

We don’t just focus on compliance; we help you strategize. Our goal is to optimize your financial structure, reduce tax burdens, and enhance your profitability.

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Corporate & Business Services

Elevate your financial strategy with AMD Audit - Chartered accountant firm. Whether it's Accounting, Audit, VAT & Tax, Entry strategy, Mergers and acquisitions, or Corporate finance services, we have tailored solutions for your business success. Partner with us today and transform your financial future!

Chartered Accountant Firm in Dubai

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Expert financial management for precise records and informed decisions.
Streamlined solutions for accurate accounting, ensuring your business stays financially healthy.

Audit and Assurance Services

Comprehensive audit services guaranteeing compliance and integrity.
Assuring stakeholders through meticulous analysis, reinforcing your business credibility.

vat and tax service

VAT Consulting in UAE

We optimize your VAT strategies and help your business financial future. Partner with AMD Audit, your trusted VAT consultant in Dubai. Contact us for Expert VAT solutions.

tax consultant service in dubai

Tax Consulting Services in UAE

Need expert tax advice in the UAE? Our dedicated consultants are here to guide you. Schedule your consultation today and take control of your financial future! We prepare documentation, Contact us.

business management

Business Management

Ready to overcome your business challenges and drive innovation? Partner with us for objective and expert management consulting. Let's elevate your business together. Contact us to start the transformation today!

Golden Visa & Entry Strategy

Let us sculpt a winning entry strategy tailored to your aspirations. Plus, explore exclusive Golden Visa services for a prosperous future. Empower your vision today. Contact us today for more details!

AMD Audit Firm

Your Trusted Auditors and Accountants Accredited by Dubai Development Authority

Dubai Development Authority, a governmental body formed under Law No. 15 of 2014 and Law No. 10 of 2018, holds a vital role in Dubai's development landscape. Our authority has expanded to encompass development control, municipal, economic, and immigration functions in specific free zone clusters and communities, overseen by master developers across the city. As accredited auditors and accountants recognized by the Dubai Development Authority, we ensure compliance and financial integrity in alignment with the authority’s regulations.

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VAT (Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax. Businesses with taxable supplies or imports exceeding the mandatory threshold must register for VAT in the UAE.

We guide businesses through the entire VAT registration process, ensuring accurate documentation, submission, and communication with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Businesses often struggle with accurate VAT calculations, proper record-keeping, and filing timely VAT returns. We assist in addressing these challenges and ensuring compliance.

Our expert team offers regular VAT compliance checks, accurate record-keeping, and timely filing services. We stay updated with VAT regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant.


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